Tuesday 18 March 2014

Man With the Largest Testicles, Wesley Warren Jr. dies at 49

Wesley Warren Jr., best known as the man with the 132-pound scrotum, died in Las Vegas due to health complications. He was 49.

The Las Vegas resident died at the University Medical Center after being hospitalized for the last five-and-a-half weeks.
"He had infections that I think were brought on by his diabetes and then he had those heart attacks," Warren's roommate and pal Joey Hurtado told the Review-Journal.
Warren underwent surgery last April to remove his swollen scrotum, induced by a painful condition known as scrotal lymphedema. At the time of the procedure, Warren weighed 500 pounds.

The star of TLC's The Man With the 132-Lb Scrotum told The Huffington Post in August 2013 that his "personal hell" began in May 2008, after a household mishap that resulted in a serious injury to his right testicle.

"Even when I got offers to help, it was hard," he told HuffPost of his daily struggle. "My scrotum was so large I couldn't get on a plane. I was too big to use an airplane restroom."

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