Friday 24 June 2016

Zenith Bank's officials allegedly begging Gov. Fayose (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Zenith Bank's officials allegedly pay a visit to beg Fayose
Zenith Bank officials visited Governor Ayodele Fayose over account frozen by EFCC and campaign fund controversy.

The alleged officials of the bank were pictured begging the Governor.

According to SA to the Ekiti State Governor on Public Communications & New Media, Lere Olayinka:
"A management team from Zenith Bank Plc visited Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, over the involvement of the bank in the funding of the June 21, 2014 governorship election of the governor.

“Their visit to the governor followed a reported denial by the bank that it was not part of the funding of the election,” the statement said.

“The team was led by an Executive Director, Sola Oladipo.

“It also had two zonal directors of the bank and the Ado-Ekiti branch manager.

“When accosted by newsmen, the ED said they only came to see the governor.

“Asked whether the bank really dissociated itself from the claim by the governor that it was part of the funding of the election, Shola could only mutter some inaudible words.

“He eventually said the spokesman for the bank was not on the team and could not say anything.

“While commenting on the development, Governor Fayose said the bank officials came to beg him over the issue.

“They were begging me and that the matter should not go beyond this level. I asked them why did they go to the EFCC to tell lies. Why did they have to lie that money came from the Office of the National Security Adviser? If the money is for me why did they have to link with me what is not,” the statement said.
The governor says Zenith Bank helped in funding his election in 2014, in his bid to deny an allegation by the government linking him to a $2.1 billion arms money reportedly diverted by the former Goodluck Jonathan administration.

But Mr. Fayose accuses the bank of lying to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission about the transaction, and his public comments on the case are believed aimed at getting even with the bank’s leaders.

The bank has distanced itself from the governor’s election.
Zenith Bank's officials allegedly pay a visit to beg Fayose

Zenith Bank's officials allegedly pay a visit to beg Fayose

Zenith Bank's officials allegedly pay a visit to beg Fayose

Zenith Bank's officials allegedly pay a visit to beg Fayose


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  1. I weep for Nigeria and it's sorry state where the agency meant to serve have suddenly turned itself into a witch hunt apparatus of a government. An agency that existed for years could not have developed strategy to fight corruption instead once a person name is mentioned to an offence that automatically becomes an indictment, the person straight away is liable to jail.EFCC in recent time have set a very bad precedent which will later hunt this country to its marrow because we are a country that doesn't learn a lesson from the past. Am watching the events unfolding on many cases which ordinarily should have been a state matter but have been converted to a political witch hunt and granting someone bail turned to an issue.