Monday 6 June 2016

President Buhari seeks medical treatment in London

President Buhari seeks medical treatment in London
President Muhammadu Buhari has departed for London and will be out of the country for ten days for medical purposes.

Speculation about the 73-year-old president's health has been growing for weeks after he cancelled three official engagements.
"President Buhari will take 10 days off and travel to London from Monday June 6th, to rest," his spokesman Femi Adesina said in a statement.

"During the holiday, the president will see an ear, nose and throat specialist for a persistent ear infection."

Mr Buhari had been examined by his personal physician and a specialist in Nigeria and both "recommended further evaluation purely as a precaution," the statement added.
President Muhammadu Buhari's ear infection was first reported by local media last month after he cancelled an official trip to the commercial capital, Lagos.

But hours after the report, a presidential spokesman issued a statement insisting that the 73-year-old was “hale and hearty” saying he couldn’t make it to Lagos simply because of “scheduling difficulties”.

Concerns over Mr Buhari's health also grew after he cancelled a much publicised trip to the oil-rich Niger Delta last week.

The presidency has been tight lipped since then until last night’s confirmation of the rumours.

Many think news of their president’s illness should have first come from an official source rather the grapevine.

When he was asked about his trip as he boarded a flight for London, Mr Buhari said: "Is there anyone who doesn't fall sick."

Opinion is strongly divided among our Facebook readers on Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's decision to fly to London to "rest" and receive treatment for an ear infection.
Mose Ngumy says:
"He should go to local health facilities like every other Nigerian. That way he will see the need to improve health care for those who are not privileged to seek medical care abroad."

Njoku Bright Joe takes a different view:
"Get well soon Mr President. You need to come back quick, sir, and lead from the front like real generals do. Niger Delta Avengers are waiting! The economy is also waiting sir! Nigerians are waiting for you to deliver on your promises."

Blackstar Deng Bol adds:
"Buhari was right to travel because he is not the first to do that. It is common among African leaders."
President Buhari seeks medical treatment in London

President Buhari seeks medical treatment in London
Credit: Channels/BBC

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