Monday 25 April 2016

Causes of lingering fuel scarcity identified

fuel scarcity
A major stakeholder in the petroleum sector, Mr Uche Ezeala, says until the issue of subsidy and distribution chain of petroleum products are tackled, petrol scarcity will continue to linger.

Mr Ezeala is the National Chairman of Marine, Land and Border Operation in charge of Monitoring, Distribution of Petroleum Products and Enforcement, of the Independent Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN).

He made the statement while giving his opinion on major causes of petrol scarcity in an interview with Channels Television in Anambra State.

Mr Ezeala maintained that several sharp practices perpetrated by personnel at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) depot, especially, the diversion of petrol across the border, which he urged the corporation to tackle aggressively and bring it to an end, had contributed greatly to the short fall in supply.

If not tackled, just a few cabal would continue to benefit from the nation’s common wealth, he said.

Everywhere in Nigeria, petrol queues stretch beyond the capture of the eyes and the agony and pain written on the faces of the people are very obvious.

It has lingered for months and citizens buy the product at varying rates in various states.

In Anambra State, it is sold between 190 and 200 Naira presently as against the 86.50 Naira official price.

The ugly situation drew the irk of Mr Ezeala, entrusted with the responsibility of checking sharp practices in the petroleum products distribution chain in collaboration with the Nigerian Securities and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

To end the scarcity, Mr Ezeala suggested that the Federal Government should give IPMAN the liberty through the Marine, Land and Border Operations to checkmate the excesses of the NNPC distribution chain and within one week resolve the issue of fuel scarcity and price hike.

Nothing will soothe Nigerians more than having the fuel situation resolved, as the burden of catering to transportation issues, business and social activities and even personal comfort is increasing by the day with little or no commensurate resources.

Credit: Channels

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