Thursday 10 December 2015

Tony Momoh cautions Biafra agitators against killings and destruction of property

Biafra Protests
Former Minister of Information and chieftain of APC, Prince Tony Momoh had cautioned those agitating for the state of Biafra against killings and destruction of property, saying that it was criminal to destroy innocent lives in the name of protest.

Noting that they were exercising their rights by protesting but that it should be done according to the laws of the nation, while speaking with journalists in Auchi, Edo State, he expressed optimism that the nation will come out stronger after the current hardship, which according to him, was caused by years of misrule.

He insisted that Nigeria would remain one indivisible nation despite the current agitations from the South East.
“Those protesting should also know that if they kill or destroy property of people, they will be held accountable for their actions because those whose property were destroyed have the right to seek justice.
“They have the right to protest, just as any other group has the right to protest because that is their only reaction to what they consider as injustice, but the fact is that protest has its limitations.
“If people say they are protesting and start destroying people’s property, there is a body set up to ensure that people are free to own property and be alive. Those whose cars and houses were burnt have the right to justice and even those that were killed.
“So in doing what you do, ensure it is in accordance with the law. So, I sympathize with them, that is freedom of expression they are exercising, but when it reaches destruction, it will not be allowed,” he stated.

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