Sunday 6 December 2015

Security expert urges Police to exercise caution in handling pro- Biafra protests

Biafra protests
Security expert, Mr. Ona Ekhomu, has urged the Nigeria Police and other security agencies to exercise caution in handling pro-Biafra protests.

Ekhomu noted that if these agitations were not handled properly handled by the country’s security agencies, it could result into more violence in the country.

Speaking to Punch on Friday, Ekhomu said while pro-Biafra agitators were entitled to their opinion and right to freedom of speech, it was wrong for them to do so by a show of force or violence.
He said, “We know there is only one Nigeria. But I think the security agencies need to be very circumspect in the way they handle the protests. And in a modern democratic state, all members of the society who have an organised voice are entitled to their opinion, to speak out against whatever they feel unhappy about. But if those protesting now carry weapons and say they want to attack military/public institutions and military barracks, then taking up violent action against them would be called for.
“Since these protesters are not armed, I think what is needed more now is suasion, because people must be allowed to air their opinions. Those protesting are trying to ventilate and make a statement. But the protests should be done the right way. If it is not handled properly, it could culminate into violence.”
“There should be better training and re-training for our security officials in handling such issues.”

Credit: Punch

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