Thursday, 12 November 2015

House of Reps wants NCC to censor pornographic content on social media

House of Representatives
The House of Representatives on Wednesday urged the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to create significant barriers to the misuse of mobile networks and services, and other devices used for the penetration of sexual, pornographic, homosexual and other such materials on social media.

This followed a motion sponsored by Hon. Johnbull Shekarau (Plateau PDP) who noted that while the social media is an inexpensive and widely accessible tool that enables anyone to publish or access information, the extent of hosting and posting of inappropriate materials such as pornographic and homosexual materials, was cause for worry.

Shekarau warned that if left unchecked, the trend portends grave danger to the long term survival of the nation’s moral value, given the systematic mode of brain washing going on through the social media.

“All social media platforms have a self-imposed minimum age of less than 13 years for the setting up of profiles, depending on the site, but certain individuals and organisations take advantage of the lapses in the social media usage to post or send, receive or download sexual, homosexual, pornographic and other immoral materials on site,” he said.
The House therefore urged telecommunications providers to acquire software that will block or filter certain images or contents that violate moral and religious values.

Credit: ThisDay

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