Saturday 17 October 2015

Which way Nigeria?

by: Olawale Oyedokun

The state of Israel is a good example of a nation who despite the hostile geographical environment where it is situated (Rocky arid land mass, no mineral resources, low population, and surrounded by enemies), stand tall today as one of the most advanced nations of the world.

Japan not only survived the nuclear holocaust of the 2nd world war, but also went ahead (with hard-work & sincerity of purpose) to become one of the forerunners in today’s world technology. Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore from a third world country to what it is enjoying today.

These nations have one thing in common; their leaders are elected based on merit and integrity.

Public office holders in Nigeria are ‘selected’ based on religious and tribal sentiments. These so-called leaders end up doing next to nothing for their country at large or even their constituents. After their time in office, their well-placed cronies cover up the abominable things they did while in office. Any one who opposes these ‘cabals in power’ is either bought over or assassinated if perceived as ‘stubborn’ (e.g. Dele Giwa, Pa Alfred Rewane etc.)

The erudite academic-celebrity who in his life time was a global authority in the field of ‘’Mechanical Vibration & Resonance in Rigid Structures’’, realised that Nigeria was endowed with human and natural resources, and the only thing missing was (and still is) a visionary leader (like Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who transformed Dubai in UAE) to put the nation on the path to greatness.

He became restless and agitated because Nigeria to him was witnessing a mad season in terms of corruption and mismanagement of resources. Also science and engineering which is the bedrock of technology were relegated to the back ground; for example his inventions suffered neglect by successive governments, for example, the bi-directional car patent in his name which was later developed and produced in the UK and USA.

In his naivety about occultic practices in Nigerian politics, he openly opposed corrupt politicians, challenging them in the law court with his writ of summons and statement of claims in his possession.

The professor cum activist’s zeal and struggle for a true democratic culture in Nigeria led to his demise 31 years ago.

Over three decades since Ayodele Awojobi passed on, the nation can barely produce quality textile materials. Cotton buds produced in Nigeria are of such low quality that rather than cleaning the ears end up depositing the cotton inside the ears (my late wife was a victim).

Countries in the 70s rated along side Nigeria as 3rd world nations, like Brazil, India, China and South Korea, today manufacture aircrafts, vehicles, space ships, ocean-liners, submarines etc. Which Way Nigeria?

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