Thursday, 21 May 2015

BBC admits story about human flesh being served in Nigerian restaurant is FALSE

BBC has admitted that the story about human flesh being served in an Anambra restaurant is false. They have also apologized for publishing the story.

Here is the statement they released on the matter:
The story about the Nigerian restaurant which we published here was a mistake and we apologise. It was incorrect and published without the proper BBC checks. We have removed the story and have launched an urgent investigation into how this happened.

The BBC Swahili service’s reputation for accuracy and balance remains of paramount importance to us and we are taking the appropriate steps to insure that mistakes like this do not happen again.”
An article on 16 May reported that a Nigerian restaurant was shut down for serving human flesh, based on a BBC Swahili report. BBC Swahili has now confirmed that the story was incorrect and the article has now been removed from our website.

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