Wednesday 12 November 2014

Suicide bomber hits Federal College of Education Kontagora, Niger state

A female suicide bomber has detonated a bomb at the Federal College of Education Kontagora in Niger State.

Many are feared to have died in the explosion.

A lecture at the College, Randa Andrew, wrote the following on his Twitter page:

"A bomb just went off at the College where I lecture."

"The blast occurred at about 12:15pm. Large sound. My car shook."

"The deafening sound caused panic as staff and students scampered to safety. Some were not lucky"

"I counted at least 3 dead bodies as I tried to navigate myself to a safety. Mainly female students."

"Police and other security agencies were quick to respond. Kudos to them. I still can't believe it"

"Had to rush and get my kids from their school. Pandemonium all over town. Parents running to get their wards. Sad"


  1. I concur whatever has it:s root in human machination and devices, would come to an
    end someday. surely God will recompense whosoever is behind this mindless activities ,
    whose every trademark indicates that it:s the work of the dark kingdom. We are not naive concerning their intrigues and strategies.
    evil shall slay the WICKED, and though hands join hands the wicked shall not go UNPUNISHED !!

  2. Enemies of Nigeria. Angel of death wil visit d attackers, d sponsors and their families. God dey.

  3. Adeleke Oluwole John12 November 2014 at 07:15

    Another apc move

  4. Waaaw, pls whn this wickedness will finish Oooohhhh GOD..........

  5. God pls bring end to all this,
    What has a begining must surely has an end.

  6. God bless the death