Thursday 27 November 2014

"I joined Chelsea to win trophies" - Cesc Fabregas

When Cesc Fabregas claims he is playing the best football of his life, it is worth pausing to place it in context.

This is Fabregas, the star of an attractive Arsenal side who passed and moved to the Champions League final, a Catalan who spent three years with Lionel Messi and Co at Barcelona and who conquered the world with Spain in 2010.

And, yet, in four months at Chelsea he already seems like he was born to be Jose Mourinho’s tempo-setter in a team committed to entertain and hell-bent on winning.

‘I feel in control and that’s what I like the most in football,’ said Fabregas. ‘I touch the ball all the time, I feel happy, I go and get the ball from here, from there, I can go forward, Oscar drops deep. I feel free, I feel confident.

‘Sometimes in the last three or four years in the national team and Barcelona, I was playing like a No 9. I mean, I have to do it for the team and I enjoy it, and it’s all good. But, here, where I am playing today, in these games, it’s where I enjoy my football the most. I feel right now I am playing some of the best football of my career.

‘I’ve played in World Cup finals, European Championship finals, Champions League finals with great teams. I’m not saying the (last two) games against West Brom or Schalke were the best, probably they weren’t, but definitely they were games I enjoyed a lot.’
Then the inner Mourinho kicks in. Fabregas has a winning mentality, a touch of devilment, perhaps a selfish streak, which is sure to appeal to his latest manager.
‘I didn’t just come here to play well and that’s it,’ he said. ‘I came to win trophies. If I can play well and enjoy myself, the better.

‘We have to win trophies. No-one remembers a great, great team if you don’t. We have to win and that will say a lot from us and people will judge it how they want to judge it. The most important thing is to keep it going and at the end of the season we can talk.’
Fabregas has yet to lose a game with Chelsea. They are clear at the top of the Barclays Premier League, safely into the last 16 of the Champions League and are Capital One Cup quarter-finalists.

Credit: Matt Barlow/SportsMail

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