Saturday 1 November 2014

Full transcript of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau’s latest video on ceasefire and abducted Chibok girls

Full transcript of the video clip released by “allegedly killed” Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau. 

“Without wasting time, we hereby send a message to the tyrants of Nigeria and other infidels as well as their world tyrants as a whole in Hausa language.

“You people should understand that we only obey Allah, we tread the path of the Prophet. We hope to die on this path and get eternal rest in our graves, rise up in bliss before our Lord and enter Paradise (quotes from the Koran). Our goal is the Garden of Eternal Bliss. May Allah protect us.

“Oh you followers of constitution, have you forgotten your laws? Since the time we were preaching in Maiduguri, in your constitution in Section 8, verse (paragraph) 2 to 3, in your accursed book called Constitution, which became law for those who are not fair to themselves on earth.

“You shamelessly declared in your radio and newspapers that you were fighting those determined to establish an Islamic state.

“Because of that constitution that barred us from preaching in Maiduguri, we moved out and migrated as Allah ordained (quoting from the Koran).

“Have you forgotten that? And it is you today claiming we made truce with you? In what way did we make truce? Which kind of negotiation, with whom? That your Danladi, the infidel like you, who we will not spare and will decapitate if he falls into our hands today?

“Where do we know him, not to talk of him representing us? Who is Danladi on this earth?

“Allah knows everything. Allah is witness (quoting from the Koran).

“Therefore I tell you (that) we have not made ceasefire with anyone. Only battle, hitting, striking and killing with gun which we long for like tasty meal. This what we believe in and fight for.

“Our goal is to see only Koran being followed on earth. This is our focus.

“It is said Chadian President, Nigerian ambassador, the people of Cameroon and us met and agreed on a truce. How? Don’t you know we are still holding your German hostage, always crying. If we wish we hack him or slaughter him or shoot him. We fear no one but Allah. This is our job.

“When did we release Chibok schoolgirls that we seized, those that Shekau who is now talking, seized, brought them and kept them in the place he chose for more than six months now.

“Allah has proved too difficult for the infidel, Allah has proved too difficult for the tyrant, Allah has proved too difficult for the United States, Allah has proved too difficult for a plane called drone, bastard. Allah has proved too difficult for everyone. Allah is mightier than everyone.

“Surprisingly, if the women of Chibok, I mean the mothers of the Chibok schoolgirls and their fathers, if you know the condition your daughters are in today it could lead some to convert to Islam and some to die from grief.

“Don’t you know the over 200 Chibok schoolgirls have converted to Islam? They have now memorised two chapters of the Koran. They have seen themselves in the Books of Luke and John that Christians have corrupted the Bible. Girls from Chibok confessing Islam is the true religion! A six-grader, liars.

“We married them off. They are in their marital homes. (Laughter)

“Fury upon fury. Shekau can infuriate. It is said Shekau is leadership position. Which leadership? Do you think we are practising traditional monarchy? (Laughter). It is the same Shekau whose father is Muhammadu, his son is Muhammadu, his name is Abubakar. It is the same Shekau, he is still the one. Shekau, eat the heart of infidels since infidels want to disobey Allah.

“We did not negotiate with anyone. We did not negotiate with anyone. We did not negotiate with Chad. We did not negotiate with Cameroon. We did not negotiate with Nigeria. We did not negotiate with the Chadian ambassador. We did not negotiate with Africa. We did not negotiate with Asia. We did not negotiate with Europe. We did not negotiate with America. We did not negotiate with the United Nations.

“What is negotiation? We did not negotiate with anyone. It is a lie. It is a lie. We will not negotiate. What is our business with negotiation? Allah said we should not (quoting from the Koran).

“We follow the Koran. We will not be teased by any infidel. Now you don’t know what to do, you want to convince your leaders that are tired of you, that have realised your lies, including your Solomon Dalung, your Abdullahi Wase, your Senator Ndume.

“They are tired of you, they have realised you are deceiving them, you are playing with their intelligence, you just want to protect your own interests. It is bad for you.

“I’m only making this speech for those people who want to convert to Islam. I don’t care whatever you say. What is my business with you? Allah is my focus. I left my parents’ home. I left my mother and my father, I left my relations and joined those who want to practise Islam (quoting from the Koran). And you are trying to deceive people with negotiation.

“I thank Allah. I started with knife and today I have seized more than 20 of our armoured vehicles, they are in my possession.

“It is said Shekau is a position. Bravo to you Orator. Well done to you who studied in Israel. Well done to you the expert in Psychology, well done you expert in Biology, well done you believer in ‘I pledge to Nigeria my country’. This is what you said.

“You pledge to Nigeria your country. Right? Me, me Shekau I pledge to Allah my God. If you don’t know, today you will know.

“I pledge to Allah my God, to be faithful. This is Shekau. Idiot like you!

“This is just my speech in brief.

“You should repent and turn to Allah and follow the Koran. You should follow the Koran. You should follow the Koran. You are so unfortunate as to be preventing those who follow the Koran obeying Allah. “It is a lie. It is a lie. Whoever refuses to listen will be dealt with by Allah.”

Credit: Ola' Audu/PremiumTimes

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