Wednesday 29 October 2014

Boko Haram attacks Mubi, Adamawa

Boko Haram fighters are making advances to take over the town of Mubi in Adamawa State.

Mubi is the second largest town in the state and where the state university is located.

It was learnt that the insurgents have already taken over Mararaba Hildi, some few kilometres to Mubi town.

A resident in Uba, another town in Adamawa also told newsmen (Daily Trust) that people were panicking when rumour spread of an impending attack by insurgents in the town.

Many of the residents fled to safety but it was later learned that no such attack was in the offing.

A resident of Mubi who simply gave his name as Habeeb said fighter jets were hovering around the town since 9 am. He could not confirm if it was from the Nigeria military.

Habeeb said people tried to run away from the city centre onto the hills but even the hills were not safe.

“The blast is too much, everybody is running helter-skelter. Even the mountain that we climbed to run away from the gun fire was bombed by aircraft. I don’t know who owns the aircraft whether it is Nigerian Army or Boko Haram,” said Habeeb.

“Thirty minutes after the aerial bombing, we climbed up again but the planes returned and bombed it again. We have descended from the mountains affected which are Gaya and Munda.

“We are looking for exit because the Yola road is blocked and the gunshots and bomb blasts are happening on the Uba road axis. We may go to Maiha through the mountains or we will enter Cameroun if Maiha is impossible.”

The military authorities were not available for comment at the time of filing this story.

Another resident said the insurgents stormed Uba dressed in military fatigue. He said the soldiers who were keeping guards numbering up to a thousand withdrew upon the arrival of the insurgents.

“The insurgents ordered residents to remain indoors. The orders were obeyed as residents are still held up in their homes,” he said.

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