Sunday 19 October 2014

#BBAHotshots Evictions: Uganda's ESTHER, Nigeria;s LILIAN and Kenya's SABINA evicted

In the words of IK, we had come to that part of the evening he liked least and being the bearer of the bad news, he should know.

First given their marching orders was Lilian and just a moment later Esther was second in the contemptible eviction cart.

This was much to Lilian’s fellow country mate Tayo’s shock as he called out to her saying “how could this be” to which Lilian responded it was okay. She most certainly didn’t look it.

Esther simply took the sash of her country’s flag and embarked on a walk of shame. On stage Small Pepper told IK that she and Lilian had developed a close friendship in the house because they are straight talkers.

Back in the house the mood sunk after the pair of Hotshots fell out of the game with Tayo shedding a tear on their behalf.

In a shock twist, Big Brother was not satisfied with just two evicteees leaving the house tonight, but a third housemate was evicted. After initially being told she was safe, Sabina was the shock third housemate leaving the house. There was a tie and it went down to the percentage vote. This is now the fifth woman to be evicted from Big Brother Hotshots. There are many tears, hugs and shocked faces,Samantha, in particular can’t quite believe what has just happened.

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