Friday 30 May 2014

Tiwa Savage's racy new video 'Wanted' sparks controversy

Both fans and perceived enemies of popular Mavin Records star, Tiwa Savage, have taken to every available space on the internet to either praise or discredit her new video.

The video titled: ‘Wanted’ has Tiwa singing and swinging in a brown breast tube and just a piece of cloth to scarcely cover her sensitive parts. Every other part of her body, as shown by the video seemingly remain bare due to the almost trasparent cloth she wore.

While many have continued to praise her courage, arguing that she has lifted the Nigerian music industry to another level, others have simply criticised her for debasing religion, morality, the culture and tradition of Nigeria.

Charles Novia, a movie producer and director, condemned the concept of the video, saying Tiwa should not think Nigeria is America where musicians can go nude as they like.
“Whatever her hubby likes about her body should really remain within their bedroom.
“Rihana and Beyonce and all other Yankee girls doing the nude video stuff at least have originality in their insanity. This one is …smh…we live in a hypocritical society and some coots supporting that video would scream but our hypocrisy still keeps our kids in check,” he said.
Continuing, the movie director added: “when you start exposing punanies and penises in the name of stupid ‘art’, then those shouting hypocrisy should let their kids go naked to school.”

He said though he is one of Tiwa’s biggest fans, he could not take his eyes away from such raunchy display by the singer, who recently got married to her manager and has had some of her near-nude photographs on blogs and social media.
“Many will be quick to compare Jay Z and Beyonce in this case and say we watched those videos. Silly analogy. Is Nigeria America?” Novia asked further wondering if Beyonce’s nudity was enough to cause the craze for such in Nigeria.
“One cannot even switch on to a Nigerian music channel theses days without wondering if it is an appendage of a foreign porn channel…It is the concept of the video that seems tart to me and not art, before it is misconstrued,” he said.

The Video: >>> MUSIC VIDEO: 'Wanted' - Tiwa Savage

One of Tiwa’s fans, Adebayo Tobi, asked Tiwa Savage: “what are you trying to tell the young ones at home?”

He said the video was x-rated and that the singer did not pass any message.

A fan who goes by @Blossom on Twitter, said: “Tiwa, call it what you like, but you have turned yourself into a sex worker. Thanks.”

Immanuela Ajayi says “I think she (Tiwa) is trying too hard. What is the meaning of this? Absolute nonsense. Really crappy. Too much uncalled for sexiness. Same outfit through the video. Acting as if she was having sex. You are a married woman! Worst video ever.”

She added that she was very disappointed at the musician.

A fan by @temmmie_ps, however, praised Tiwa for past videos but prayed that God should touch her heart to make her produce “righteous, decent and educating videos.”

A fan on Twitter, @Lauretta, who was visibly angry with the singer, posted: “most of her moves made no sense and look pretty stupid and dumb. The video quality and mixing of the song and the song overall was so flawless though.

“Her voice was beautiful. But her grabbing of vagina and slick trying to do some illuminati crap is stupid.

“The video was dumb. And I’m annoyed. She could still have done something sexy and risque, but let it be tasteful. She looked like a whore.”

Tiwa’s colleagues and supporters do not think that way. In fact, Uti Nwachukwu, winner of one of the editions of Big Brother Africa, told Tiwa’s critics: “if you are not going to constructively critique Tiwa Savage’s new video, then you can as well tick imbecile on your ID form. Dead imbecile.”

He also said many of those criticising her have not done anything worthwhile to make their towns or country worthwhile, yet they take to the internet to bash a hardworking lady like Tiwa.

Dr. Sid, a member of the Mavin Records team, called the video the hottest video of the continent. He was supported by Teebillz, another Nigerian singer.

Toolz, a Nigerian on air personality, said Tiwa Savage was trying to kill people with the video while Ayo Shonaiya, the singer’s fan, said the video is fantastic.

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